Xian Xu

Data-driven Storytelling
Cinematic Arts
Arts Education in VR or the Metaverse
Human-Computer Interaction

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About me

Welcome to visit my site! I am Xian Xu (徐娴), currently a Research Assistant Professor at Division of Emerging Interdisciplinary Areas (EMIA), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). I received my PhD degree in Individualized Interdisciplinary Program (Computational Media and Arts) at HKUST VisLab in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) under the supervision of Prof. Huamin Qu and Prof. David Yip. I received my BA in Directing (Film and TV Producing) and MFA in Studies of Drama (Film and TV) from The Central Academy of Drama (中央戏剧学院). I am a research visiting scholar at Oxford University and Cambridge University. Besides, I am also an Associate at Cambridge Digital Humanities in Cambridge University.

My research interests and artworks mainly focus on the interdisciplinary study of data-driven storytelling, cinematic arts, arts education in VR or the Metaverse, and Human-Computer Interaction. I devote myself to enhancing data-driven storytelling and arts education by extending not only the disciplinary depth but also the interdisciplinary breadth. I am a five-time national scholarship winner and Beijing's outstanding graduate winner. I had the privilege of being involved in the TV drama Our Glamorous Time as a scriptwriter. Furthermore, I have authored a bestselling book titled I Like To Be Independent and have conducted multiple promotional events and speaking engagements in major cities across China. I am also passionate about movies and travel. I have been fortunate to explore numerous cities across China and various countries. Additionally, I take great pleasure in capturing life's precious moments through the lens of a camera and expressing them through the art of words.


  • [Aug, 2023] Obtained a Ph.D. degree and became the first doctoral graduate in Computational Media and Arts at HKUST 🎓
  • [Aug, 2023] Passed my PhD dissertation defense 🎆
  • [Mar-Jul, 2023] Visited the University of Cambridge, became a member of CDH.
  • [Apr, 2023] Presented a paper CinematicEnding at ACM CHI 2023 Conference, 📍 Hamburg, Germany
  • [Mar, 2023] Presented a poster MetaverseCinematography at IEEE VR 2023 Conference, 📍 Shanghai, China
  • [Jan-Mar, 2023] Visited the University of Oxford, working with Prof. Min Chen
  • [Jan, 2023] I am hornored to receive HKUST Overseas Research Award 🏆
  • [Oct, 2022] Attended IEEE VIS 2022 Conference, 📍 Oklahoma City, USA
  • [Jul, 2022] Attended Visualization Summer School at Peking University
  • [Jun, 2022] Passed the PhD qualification exam 🎉
  • [May, 2022] Presented a paper CinematicOpening at ACM CHI 2022 Conference